He made me a better person. I’ve learned so much from him, as you do when you come together with another person. You both make each other better. You both learn about the best of each other, and recognize the things where you’re failing, or where you need to step up. When it’s a great partnership, you really are patient with each other.

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Margot Robbie on her character Naomi Lapaglia in The Wolf of Wall Street (2013):

"In this case, [sex is] Naomi’s power over Jordan, and that’s her only way of getting what she wants. That’s her form of currency in a world of millionaires when she comes from nothing. The only way of creating a better life for herself and getting what she wants is the fact that she’s aware of this sexual power she has over men."

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The West Wing Rewatch
: Bartlet & Mrs. Landingham in ‘Two Cathedrals’ (2x22)

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The most beautiful thing I’ve read today by far.

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